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Why Antelope Canyon Never Looks The Same Twice

Antelope Canyon might be the most visited and photographed slot canyon in the world, but there is more to this ancient sandstone structure than meets the eye. Formed millions of years ago and revered as a spiritual site by the Navajo Nation, the origins of this geologic wonder are as fascinating as its beauty is renowned. Existing in a perpetual state of flux, Antelope Canyon is constantly being altered by relentless forces of nature—what does it mean to preserve something defined by its impermanence?

Explore the seeming impossibilities behind our planet’s strangest, most unique natural wonders in Untold Earth, a new series from Atlas Obscura, in partnership with Nature and PBS Digital Studios. From fragile, untouched ecosystems to familiar but unexplained occurrences in our own backyards, this series chases insight into natural phenomena through the voices of those who know them best. 

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