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Unusual Attractions in India

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A field of northwestern Spain's beloved grelos is just one of the many permutations of <em>Brassica rapa</em>.

The Deep Roots of the Vegetable That ‘Took Over the World’

A study digs up the origin of the single species that gives us turnips, bok choy, broccoli rabe, and more.

Podcast: Jatinga Bird Deaths

Join us for a daily celebration of the world’s most wondrous, unexpected, even strange places.
Brihadisvara Temple, sometimes called the Big Temple, is in South India and dates back to the 11th century.

This Master Builder's Family Has Restored Temples for 38 Generations

The tradition of building and preserving the sacred spaces is both art and science for the <em>sthapati</em> lineage.

A Photographer's Journey Into New Delhi's House of Djinns

Drawn by a fascination with the supernatural, he captured the desires and desperation of people seeking otherworldly aid.
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