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Brooklyn, New York


An Immersion into a Magician's Mind.
Shane Confectionery interior.
Aug 22

A Sweet Peek Inside Shane Confectionery

A tour and dig through the archives of the oldest continuously run confectionery in the United States.
A meal aboard the International Space Station.
Aug 22
Washington, D.C., United States

(G)astro on Tap

Join Astronomy on Tap for food talks that are out of this world.
Sunset at Kingsland Wildflowers.
Aug 23
Brooklyn, New York

Kingsland Wildflowers Sunset Ecology Tour

Toast to the sunset as you tour the thriving meadows spanning a rooftop in one of Brooklyn's most heavily industrialized neighborhoods and learn its ecology from resident experts.
Aug 23
Chicago, Illinois

Edible Insect Movie Night!

What’s crunchy, high in protein, and tastes great fried, or covered in chocolate? Bugs!
Is this signature a real or a fake?
Aug 25
Mount Vernon, Virginia

The Fakes, Forgeries, and Frauds of George Washington

Join us at George Washington's Mount Vernon as we enter the world of deception where fraudulent artifacts and signatures can elude even the experts' eyes.
Lemon Hill inset.
Aug 25
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

East Park Hill Walk

Explore the landscape, genesis and distinctive, hidden features of East Fairmount Park, including the unknown topography of Lemon and Brewery Hills.
Drew Lobenstein's private home in Reseda.
Aug 25
Reseda, California

Homeward Bound: Pigeon Navigation

Meet a flock of homing pigeons and explore the mystery of bird navigation with the L.A. Pigeon Club.
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