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From Chicago, Illinois to Tambopata, Peru, and beyond.

Prairie Avenue Mansions in previous centuries.
Nov 25
Chicago, Illinois

Prairie Avenue Obscura

A walking tour through Chicago’s elite Prairie Avenue.
Nov 27
Denver, Colorado

Speaker Series: Dos Luces Brewery

A Sneak Peek at Craft Beers from Dos Luces, Including a New American Chicha and Pulque.
Dec 1
Barcelona, Spain

Wagnerian Barcelona Tour and Opera Concert

Come experience theater, opera, and Richard Wagner on this unique and immersive celebration in the heart of Barcelona.
JIKAI, Film Still
Dec 1
Washington, D.C.

Dupont Underground & Atlas Obscura Present: Brian Dailey’s Odyssey

Join us as we learn how artist Brian Dailey literally lit up Times Square.
A common site to all Chicagoans...and film buffs.
Dec 1
Chicago, Illinois

Location, Location, Location! A Hunt for Movie Magic

Race to discover the Chicago locales featured in famous Hollywood films.
Ruins of Seneca Quarry Stonecutting Mill
Dec 2
Poolesville, Maryland

The Ruins of Seneca Quarry

Join us for a guided hike through crumbling ruins with ties to the Smithsonian Castle and a presidential scandal.
2 - 3
Brooklyn, New York

Oddities Holiday Market: Exclusive VIP Presale Tickets

Find gifts like no other at the Oddities Holiday Market, curated by Ryan Matthew Cohn!
The Getty Tomb
Dec 2
Chicago, Illinois

Graceland Cemetery Walking Tour

Explore both the celebrated and overlooked histories of Graceland Cemetery.
Gabba Arts District
Dec 2
Los Angeles, California

Murals of the Gabba Art District

Join us as we explore a labyrinth of vibrant murals in the alleyways of Historic Filipinotown with Cindy Schwarzstein, founder of Cartwheel Art Tours.
Dec 2
Mojave, California

Soledad Goat Sanctuary

"Pet-able not edible."
Restoration project
Dec 2
Irwindale, California

A Home for Wayward Carousel Horses

Visit a menagerie of whimsical merry-go-round creatures in various stages of restoration.
Dec 3
Los Angeles, California

Secret Japanese Village

Step inside the private collection of fashion designer Peter Lai.
Dec 4
Denver, Colorado

Speaker Series: Where Have You Been?

Come share your travel-related stories of the funny, tragic, embarrassing, wonderful, and curious.
Dec 10
Queens, New York

New York City Secrets Within Calvary Cemetery

Explore NYC history, hidden inside sculptural monuments and mafioso grave sites, as you take in iconic city views on this cold weather walking tour.
View of Georgetown
Dec 10
Washington, D.C.

The City Within The City

Join former White House speechwriter Ed Moser for the strangest tour of centuries-old Georgetown.
Dec 13
Washington, D.C., United States

A Dreamy Garden Gathering In D.C.

We invite you to a fantastical garden party, featuring the wondrously-strange Hendrick’s Grand Garnisher!
Dec 14
Brooklyn, New York

Atlas Obscura LIVE!: HOLIDAYS

Special guests join the writers and editors of Atlas Obscura for our very own holiday-themed variety show!
Holidays under the famous dome.
Dec 15
Chicago, Illinois

Give the Lady What She Wants: A Marshall Field’s Scavenger Hunt

Explore Chicago's historic State Street department store on this unique scavenger hunt.
The House of Embers
Dec 15
Denver, Colorado

The House of Embers

You are formally invited.
Prairie Avenue Mansions in previous centuries.
Dec 16
Chicago, Illinois

Prairie Avenue Obscura

A walking tour through Chicago’s elite Prairie Avenue.
Dec 16
Pasadena, California

Haunted Shack Gardens After Dark

Step inside the private garden of self-taught artist Shrine for an exclusive nighttime tour with Atlas Obscura and Cartwheel Art Tours.
Dec 17
Rockville, Maryland

F. Scott Fitzgerald Flashlight Memorial

Join us in celebrating author F. Scott Fitzgerald by visiting his former final resting place and his current one.
Dec 17

An Evening Creepy Crawl

Where entomology and thanatology meet.
Dec 17
Altadena, United States of America

Hoppy Holidays at The Bunny Museum

Hop into the holidays with an after-hours visit to the world's largest bunny collection.
Crab Nebula
Dec 21

The Life and Death of Stars

Join astrophysicist Anand Thirumalai in the Henry Art Gallery's Skyspace, Light Reign, to explore how stars are born, evolve, and die.
Jan 21
Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills Obscura

You don’t have to be rich to live in Beverly Hills, but you do have to be weird.
Diorama #8 "God's Universal Form"
Feb 3
Los Angeles, California

The Dioramas and Animatronics of the Bhagavad-gita Museum

Ready to experience Krishna's Transcendental Manifestations?
Sleeping Beauty's castle, in Disneyland. Anaheim, CA
Feb 10
Anaheim, California

The Secret Life of Disneyland

Discover the hidden world inside the Magic Kingdom
3 - 9
Tambopata, Peru

Expedition Amazon

Come experience rare wildlife and conservation biology on this adventure deep into the jungle.
Stained glass adorns the mausoleums inside.
Nov 19

Rosehill Cemetery Walk

Strange history carved in stone.
Nov 18
San Francisco, California

The Night Garden of Serenissima: A Venetian Fairy Tale

Experience an immersive evening of spectacle and intrigue hidden within a historic San Francisco castle.
Brooklyn, New York

The Secret Mausoleum Club: A Four-Part Series of After-Dark Soirees

Unlock the doors to Green-Wood Cemetery's sepulchral secrets in this intimate series of after-hours gatherings.
Nov 18
Genoa, Colorado

Exclusive Access to the Wonder View Tower

Discover the Wonder View Tower’s Exotic Past and Explore Its 20+ Rooms!
Lake, Lower Busch Sunken Gardens, Pasadena
Nov 18
Pasadena, California

The Pasadena Busch Gardens

A guided walking tour through the former grounds of one of Los Angeles' earliest theme parks.
Nov 18
Van Nuys, CA

Sci-Fi Sewage Sanctuary

Tour a water recycling plant better known as Starfleet Academy, and the Japanese garden it irrigates with toilet water.
Murphy Ranch
Nov 18
Los Angeles, California

Murphy Ranch Hike

Recent discoveries have only deepened the mystery of Murphy Ranch, the alleged National Socialist commune deep in the wilds of Rustic Canyon.
Nov 17
Silver Spring, Maryland

AFI Silver Theatre & Atlas Obscura Present: Our Heavenly Bodies

Revel in the beauty and mystery of the universe with a special screening of this 1925 space-age masterpiece with live musical accompaniment.
The Enigma machine, developed by Arthur Scherbius in 1923
Nov 16
Annapolis Junction, Maryland

Secrets Revealed at NSA's National Cryptologic Museum

Break codes and travel through cryptologic history on this behind-the-scenes, after-hours adventure.
Nov 12
Hollywood, California

Odd Hollywood

Uncover strange and unusual landmarks and history lurking beneath the surface of Hollywood's most popular tourist trap.
Meet Irwin
Nov 12

If You Could Talk to the Animals

Join us as we walk and talk with the critters of Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.
Nov 12
Washington, D.C.

The Secret History of Meridian Hill Park

Join us on a walking tour of an urban park unlike any other in the country.
Denver "Crib Girls"
Nov 11
Denver, Colorado

What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This?

A walking tour through Denver's Historic Sin District.
Steam plant signage
Nov 11

Place-Based Poems and the Georgetown Steam Plant

Enjoy poetry celebrating Washington state at a historic landmark building.
Nov 11
Washington, D.C.

Legends of the Octagon House

Go behind the scenes after hours at the District's most notorious house.
Last year's holiday card set
Nov 11
Brooklyn, New York

ACME's 6th Annual Holiday Photo Op

Kickstart the holiday season with a whimsical greeting card photo shoot at Brooklyn's favorite photo studio and prop shop.