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Monthly updates on bug fixes, feature releases, community contributions, and Places in the Atlas.

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July 2022 Updates

Product Update

Mobile App

This month we've finished and released the first version of our Android app! Download it on the the Google Play Store.


On July 21, we closed down our community forums, read the announcement for more information. As a team, we are looking forward to exploring ways to highlight and connect the community moving forward.

Places Update

  • Submissions: 603
  • Places Published: 132
  • User Edits: 2,253
  • Photos Added: 3,335

July marked one of the busiest months for Place submissions on record, with an average of 138 Places added each week.

With temperatures reaching record-breaking highs all over the world, going underground seems increasingly appealing. Luckily, we added some incredible subterranean sites in July. France’s Lac Souterrain de Saint-Léonard is the largest underground lake in Europe, shared by julianfkeller99. In Kosovo, Max Cortesi took us to Gadime Cave, a deep cavern dripping with stalactites and stalagmites made of marble. If you’re more into special collections than speleothems, you might like this entry from lampbane about the escape hatch in Bryant Park that leads down into the New York Public Library’s underground stacks.

We’re living vicariously through our contributors’ travels, and that includes taking in unusual sights from train stations and airports. In Vilnius, Lithuania, the train station features a 15-foot tall statue of Tony Soprano in his robe and boxers, shared by Zborik. And in Terminal A of the Houston airport, a cow dressed in astronaut gear welcomes visitors to Space City, shared by Fred Cherrygarden.

Thanks to everyone who shared these wonderful Places with us. We're excited to see what August holds!

Welcome & June 2022 Updates

Hello to the Atlas Obscura community! Welcome to the product blog where we will be providing regular updates on what our teams have been working on and how the community has contributed to the Atlas.

Product Update

Mobile App

This month we released a new home screen and explore experience for the iOS app, including a prominently featured Place of the Day.

We've also been building our Android app (coming soon 🎉).


This month we released an update to our place submission banner. You'll now see the publication date once your place submission is approved and scheduled for publication.

We've also been going through the feedback board, prioritizing items "Under Consideration" in our backlog, and building a new site for Atlas Obscura Trips (coming soon 🎉).

Places Update

  • Submissions: 314
  • Places Published: 126
  • User Edits: 1,646
  • Photos Added: 2,672

June was a busy month for the Places team, with an average of 74 submissions a week. We published new Places from every continent except Antarctica.

This month marks the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, which feels like a fitting season for all the Places we’ve seen in hot, dry climates. Max Cortesi shared a number of sites in Saudi Arabia including the Lion Tombs of Dadan, a pair of cliffside burial niches marked by carvings that date back to the fifth century B.C.

In the western U.S., we explored quite a few historical sites. Some were recent, like this navigational aid from the early days of airmail from slgwv, and some were much older, like the Mt. Irish petroglyphs from CoolCrab. Mike Walker took us even further back in geological history with the striking red stone of New Mexico’s Walatowa Slot Canyon.

We also learned about Virginia’s Barter Theater from sandra1, where patrons were able to exchange produce and livestock for a ticket during the Great Depression. There are even more exciting Places coming up in July. Stay tuned for another update next month!