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Unusual Attractions in Australia

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Cool Places to Eat & Drink in Australia

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Ender wants to go to Old Melbourne Gaol
Ender wants to go to Gog and Magog
Ender wants to go to Artist's Lane

Stories About Australia

Despite looking like it has borrowed parts from hedgehogs, anteaters, and porcupines, the echidna has followed its own fascinating evolutionary path.

Why the Echidna is Australia's Most Delightfully Different Mammal

The evolutionary marvel mates in love trains, can swim in the ocean, and even uses jazz hands as a defensive tactic.
Pearl meat is the ear-shaped adductor muscle in a pearl oyster.

How Pearl Meat Became Australia's Newest Luxury Ingredient

Once humble divers' fare, the meat of the pearl oyster now commands up to $200 per kilo.
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