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Devon Meadows, Australia

Crystal World Exhibition Centre

A potpourri of rocks, fossils, and crystals is rounded out by a dinosaur garden and a 15-foot great white shark.
Seaford, Australia

'Catch Me'

Designed by an artist known for his eccentric, satirical public works of art.
Myrtleford, Australia

Staff Nurse Elizabeth Rothery Memorial

Dedicated to the 63 local women who served the country during World War I.
Ringwood East, Australia

Ringwood Mining Historical Site

A monument commemorating the antimony mine that once operated in this Melbourne suburb.
Whaligoe, Scotland

Whaligoe Steps

Cut into a sheer cliff face, these stairs are the only way to reach a secluded Scottish harbor.
Mount Gambier, Australia

Umpherston Sinkhole

An incredible garden taking over the interior of a massive sinkhole.
Prestonpans, Scotland

Robert Burns Memorial Shelter

This massive work of art was designed to commemorate Burns Night and the national poet of Scotland.
Myrtleford, Australia

The Phoenix Tree

The trunk and roots of a river red gum tree were used to create this art piece.
Glasgow, Scotland

'All Greatness Stands Firm in the Storm'

A unique art installation located on what was once considered the widest railway bridge in the world.
Ringwood, Australia

'Mullum Mullum the Owl'

A sculpture of the largest owl in Australia.
Newton Mearns, Scotland

Mearns Castle

Attached to this castle is a local church.
Mount Buffalo, Australia

Mount Buffalo Chalet

A symbol of the early days of skiing in Australia
Whitby, England

Scoresby's Polar Bear

A monument to the real explorer and bear who inspired characters in Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials.'
Portknockie, Scotland

Bow Fiddle Rock

Named for its similarity to the tip of a violin's bow, this striking formation was created by millions of years of erosion.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Arthur's Seat

This extinct volcano rises above Edinburgh and is special for its panoramic views over the city.
London, England

The Fourth Plinth

Originally meant to hold a statue of King William IV, this support sat empty for years. Today, it hosts a rotating cast of public artwork.
Bass, Australia

George Bass Expedition Memorial

Dedicated to a surgeon who made several natural discoveries across Australia.
Brisbane, Australia


A colorful sculpture of an Australian symbol patrols an otherwise ordinary traffic island.
Brisbane, Australia

'The World Turns'

The sculpture shows a water rat turning the world upside-down, landing an elephant on its head.
Glasgow, Scotland


This neon sign is an homage to an Alfred Hitchcock film.
Brisbane, Australia

Hector Vasyli Memorial

A nearly lost tribute to an 11-year-old boy killed during a World War I homecoming parade.
Brisbane, Australia

Commissariat Store

Its most grisly object is a jar full of severed fingers allegedly cut off by prisoners to avoid work.
Bowen Hills, Australia

Cloudland Memorial Arch

This arch celebrates the romantic memories of those who danced at the Cloudland Ballroom.
Brisbane, Australia

Museum of Lands, Mapping, and Surveying

Its collection highlights the monumental tasks undertaken to map Queensland.