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San Remo, Australia

San Remo Pelicans

Locals have a long-running relationship with the big-beaked birds of this Australian fishing town.
Dandenong South, Australia

Hotel Eastlink

A roadside hotel that you can’t stop at. 
Port Charlotte, Scotland

Museum Of Islay Life

A former church that has been chronicling the Scottish island of Islay's rich history since the 70s.
Point Lonsdale, Australia

Buckley's Cave

William Buckley escaped from prison and is said to have spent years hiding in this seaside cave.
Aberdeen, Scotland

Russell Head

This effigy was crafted to annoy a neighbor after a civil dispute over a foul smell.
Beveridge, Australia

Ned Kelly's House

From this modest childhood home, Ned Kelly went on to become Australia’s most infamous bushranger.
Keilor North, Australia

Organ Pipes

Cooled, fractured lava formed this geometric rock feature.
Queenscliff, Australia

The Wreck Bell

This bell was once used to summon rescue crews when ships fell victim to the treacherous waterways.
Fairfield, Australia

Charles Grimes Expedition Cairn

A neat pile of shale marks an early English trip to the Yarra River.
St Kilda, Australia

Luna Park Melbourne

Home to the oldest operating roller coaster in the Southern Hemisphere.
Mount Macedon, Australia

Mount Macedon Memorial Cross

A tribute to the fallen of World War I now honors all who have lost their lives to war.
Glasgow, Scotland

Fairfield Heritage

A community museum celebrates Glasgow's mighty shipbuilding days.
Brighton, Australia

‘Summertime’ Dog Sculpture

A tribute to the local dog beach.
Manchester, England

Hanging Ditch Bridge

The construction of this bridge dates back to the 15th century.
Mount Macedon, Australia

Sanatorium Lake

This artificial lake was built to provide water for a planned facility that would treat tuberculosis patients.
Melbourne, Australia

Foy & Gibson Factory

The Collingwood production facility for a department store that was among the largest and earliest in Australia.
Fitzroy, Australia

'Mr Poetry'

A tribute to local poet and music journalist Adrian Rawlins.
Sydney, Australia

Beehive Casemate

A defensive fortification carved into a cliff near Sydney Harbour.
Maldon, Australia

Mount Tarrengower Lookout Tower

A timber transport car and a team of horses were needed to carry this lookout to the top of Mount Tarrengower in the 1920s.
Parkville, Australia

Northern Cattle Market Wall

A unique reminder of the once-bustling cattle market during the 19th-century.
Melbourne, Australia

Eight-Hour-Day Monument

Commemorating the 19th-century labor movement in Australia.
Chewton, Australia

Robert Penney Bakery Sculpture

A 19th-century baker stands ready to serve customers.
Daylesford, Australia

Daylesford Convent

This former convent has been reimagined as a community center for artists.
Gower, Australia

Gowar School Ruins

This school was established during the height of the Australian Gold Rush.