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46 Cool, Hidden, and Unusual Things to Do in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Samples of Victorian hair work.
Feb 2
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Interwoven Sentiments

Learn about one of the Victorian era's most fascinating mourning practices while creating an eternal keepsake.
Robert Cornelius' self portrait in daguerreotype, 1839.
Feb 12
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Daguerreotypes of Robert Cornelius

Learn about the past and present of photography in Philadelphia and the city's groundbreaking work to preserve its history.

Stories About Philadelphia

Plants grow in graves at Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia.

A Year Gardening the Grave of a Stranger

At Woodlands Cemetery in Philadelphia, green-thumbed volunteers participate in a unique program.
The opah, ready for a photograph.

How Fish Meant for Market Might End Up in a Museum

Natural history curators and fishers have a deep relationship.

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