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Civil War soldier with a guitar and one leg.
Jan 20
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

Cut It Off! An Amputation Demonstration

Watch as a skilled medical historian amputates a (model) leg using Civil War-era surgical tools at the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office.
Ruins of Seneca Quarry Stonecutting Mill.
Jan 26
Poolesville, Maryland

The Ruins of Seneca Quarry

Join us for a guided hike through crumbling ruins with ties to the Smithsonian Castle and a presidential scandal.
A basket of sea salt
Feb 9
Washington, D.C.

History Worth Its Salt

Common table salt has an incredible history – join us as we learn and taste its salty past!
Stereoscopic views of the U.S. Capitol.
Feb 10
Washington, D.C.

Looking Through Time: The Past in 3D

Take a gander through the lens as we look at the history of stereoscopy.

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