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The Butterfly Room

Frewville, Australia

Hundreds of tiny dead butterfly eyes gaze down at diners in this Australian eatery. 


With its exotic Nyonya fusion menu of Malaysian, Indian and Chinese cuisine, the Singapore House would stand out simply for its exquisite food, even without a room full of butterflies.

The food is unusual and highly praised, but what truly takes this restaurant to another level is its decor. With warm lighting glowing from suspended lampshades and slanted skylights, the gleaming mounted tortoise shells and the eyes of various taxidermied beasts of burden glimmer brightly as you sip Singapore Slings. Reminiscent of the Victorian era, creature-heavy Dr. Doolittle tales, the Singapore Room is like stepping into an adventure storybook.

Despite its many charms, nothing is more charming to some, and disturbing to others, than the Butterfly Room. Hundreds of frames containing a brilliant color spectrum of mounted butterflies grace the interior of the most sought after dining spot in the building. Accented in warm golds and reds, the butterflies clutter the wall in geometric clusters and leave diners awash with the feel of British Colonialism in Asia, or for the more squeamish, a thousand bug eyes watching them eat.

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Mid-way along Glen Osmond Road, 15 minutes drive to both the Adelaide Hills and the city.

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