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Amman, Jordan

Umbrella Staircases of Amman

An oasis of shade and color amidst the bustle of the old city.
Karak, Jordan

Kerak Castle

Perched above the bustling town of Kerak is a sprawling, ruinous castle that has witnessed nearly a millennia of Levantine history.
Bsaira District, Jordan

Dana Village

A ghost village sits atop a mountain within Jordan’s largest biosphere reserve.
Umm ar-Rasas, Jordan

Um er-Rasas

The remains of three different ancient civilizations have been found at this rich archaeological site.
Amman, Jordan

Umayyad Palace

This restored eighth-century palace is a shining example of ancient Umayyad architecture.
Amman, Jordan

Roman Theater of Amman

This exceptionally well-preserved ancient marvel also houses a small museum dedicated to Jordanian folk tradition.
Wadi Rum Village, Jordan

Wadi Rum

Known as the "Valley of the Moon," this Jordanian wadi is one of the most amazing desertscapes on Earth.
Reykjavik, Iceland

Einar Jónsson Museum

An unusual building on a "desolate hill" features the works of an Icelandic sculptor.

Diamond Beach

A black sand beach where glacial fragments wash ashore and look like sparkling diamonds.


In Northeastern Iceland lies something of an oxymoron: a steaming desert.
Akureyri, Iceland

Akureyri Heart-Shaped Traffic Lights

Instead of solid circles, the stoplights in this northern Icelandic town have glowing red hearts.
Reykjavik, Iceland


This stunning concert hall has become a symbol of Iceland's national recovery.
Seydisfjordur, Iceland


These concrete domes were installed on an Icelandic bluff to honor a very specific musical tradion.

U.S. Navy DC-3 Wreckage

This wrecked airplane has been sitting on a black sand beach since the 1970s.


Strange rock formations tower above the river that snakes through this enchanting Icelandic canyon.
Velha Goa, India

Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount

This 16th-century hilltop chapel is one of the oldest churches in Old Goa.
Velha Goa, India

The Old Archiepiscopal Palace

In Old Goa, the former residence of the archbishop now houses a permanent exhibition.
Velha Goa, India

The Chapel of St. Catherine

This chapel was built by Afonso de Albuquerque in 1510 to commemorate his entry into the city of Goa on St. Catherine’s Day.
Velha Goa, India

Convent of the Discalced Carmelites

The ruins of a 17th-century Carmelite Convent atop a hill in Old Goa.
Pune, India

Ohel David Synagogue

Said to be the largest synagogue built in India.
Mumbai, India

Kala Ghoda Statue

A tribute to the area's namesake and King Edward VII.
Mumbai, India

Old Woman’s Shoe

A gigantic shoe, inspired by a nursery rhyme, sits in a park atop Mumbai’s Malabar Hill.
Velha Goa, India

The Arch of Conception

One of the few surviving gates into Old Goa, the former capital of Portuguese India.
Pune, India

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

A collection of over 20,000 priceless artifacts collected by a single person over several decades.