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Wallyford, Scotland

Crookston School

This former school is now abandoned and a canvas for graffiti artists.
Inverness, Scotland

Ship Space

The Titanic sails again in one Scotland man's backyard.
Anstruther, Scotland

Smuggler's Inn

Stay in the one time home to one of Scotland's most notorious gentleman's sex clubs.
Isle of Rum, Scotland

Kinloch Castle

This once-majestic, now-abandoned Victorian castle has seen better days.
Glasgow, Scotland

Respiro del Diavolo

The world's spiciest ice cream comes from Glasgow.
Orkney, Scotland

Tomb of the Eagles

This Scottish burial tomb once held hundreds of ancient eagle bones.
Argyll and Bute, Scotland

Ascog Hall Victorian Fernery

A fernery hidden by neglect is uncovered, and an ancient specimen along with it.
Glasgow, Scotland

Panther Milk Bar

A secret door leads to this cozy dive that sells only “milk.”
Edinburgh, Scotland

Mural of the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

A colorful mural decorates one of the city's oldest animal shelters.
Falkirk, Scotland

The Bridgeness Slab

A copy of an ancient Roman distance marker that indicates the beginning of the Antonine Wall.
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Fleming Memorial Sundial

An ingenious way to immortalize the inventor of universal time.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Óscar Romero Plaque

In memory of the assassinated, now-canonized Salvadoran archbishop who is the namesake of nearby Romero Place.
Saint Andrews, Scotland

George Wishart Memorial Stones

The initials "GW" mark where one of Scotland's most important Protestant martyrs was burned at the stake.
Dailly, Scotland

John Brown Memorial

The grave of a man who spent 23 days trapped underground after a mine collapse.
East Kilbride, Scotland

Mains Castle

This castle was first occupied in the 1400s and has undergone major restoration in recent times.
Cumbernauld, Scotland

The Carrick Stone

An ancient Roman altar named after Robert the Bruce.
Glasgow, Scotland

George Square Imperial Measurements

A small collection of objects of a bygone era hide in plain view.
Prestopans, Scotland

'Athena' Memorial Statue

A monument honoring 81 residents of this Scottish town who were executed for witchcraft in the 16th century.
Glasgow, Scotland

Easterhouse Phoenix

This remarkable sculpture symbolizes the regeneration in this Glasgow suburb.
Prestonpans, Scotland

The New Prestoungrange Gothenberg

There's more to this drinking establishment than meets the eye.
Clarkston, Scotland

Carmunnock War Memorial

This 1920's sandstone war memorial was constructed with an unusual drinking trough for horses.
Perth, Scotland

Smeaton's Bridge

Several bricks indicate the various flood levels this crossing has survived over the centuries.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Ravenswood Standing Stone

An ancient relic in Edinburgh that is around 4,000 years old.
Culross, Scotland

Cobblestone Footpath

The raised stones in the middle of this road through Culross are relics of a 17th-century class divide.