Smygehuk Utkiksplats (Sweden's Southernmost Point) – Trelleborg Ö, Sweden - Atlas Obscura
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Smygehuk Utkiksplats (Sweden's Southernmost Point)

Trelleborg Ö, Sweden

Sweden's southernmost point is located in this charming fishing village.  


A popular attraction across many nations is the country’s furthest cardinal and ordinal directions located within its borders. Depending on a country’s geometry, these points can be contested. Some locations that stake claim to these directions have signs and other monuments. For others, entire town identities have been crafted around these locations. The town of Smygehuk is one such place. 

The town advertises itself as Sweden’s southernmost cape. All around the fishing village, visitors can easily spot something labeled as “southernmost.” Visitors to the town will find a southernmost restaurant, shop, and even a southernmost toilet. However, what draws most people to the town is the point itself.

Initially, the point was only marked with a sign that displayed the distance to other locations around Sweden such as Treriksroset, which is nearly 1,000 miles away (1,500 kilometers) away. In 2007, a compass-like point was added to the site. It has since become a popular photo spot and tourist destination.  

Know Before You Go

The point is impossible to miss.

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