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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Old Town Walls Basketball Courts

Picturesque basketball courts sheltered by historical defensive walls and with an enviable sea view.
Roskilde, Denmark

Grave of the Hel-Horse

According to legend, this is the burial place of a mythical three-legged death omen horse.
Tofta, Sweden

Svärjarehålorna (The Swearer's Holes)

Is the centuries-old enigma of these mysterious "perjurer's footprints," where nothing ever grows, attributed to natural phenomena or to the realm of folklore?
Ballingslöv, Sweden

Self-Tribute Stone of 'Bagga-Sven'

A confident and eccentric goat farmer boldly proclaimed his honor with an inscription on this woodland stone.
Copenhagen, Denmark

Stærekassen Passageway Mosaic

One of Scandinavia's largest mosaics pays tribute to Danish art and science luminaries.
Karrebæksminde, Denmark

Græshoppebroen (Grasshopper Bridge)

This distinctive bug-like bridge is made of recycled horseshoes.
Malmö, Sweden

King Gustav Vasa Knife Incident Plaque

This bronze marker acknowledges an embarrassing royal blunder.
Frederikssund, Denmark

'Min Indre Svinehund' ('My Inner Beast')

This striking pig statue was part of a 1993 guerilla art project against racism.
Lund, Sweden

(Alleged) Piece of Descartes' Skull

Could this controversial parietal bone be the remains of the famed French philosopher?
Rovinj, Croatia

Krstionica Sv. Trojstva (Baptismal Font of the Holy Spirit)

This seven-sided Romanesque chapel is regarded as the oldest building in Rovinj.
Copenhagen, Denmark

'Trold, der vejrer kristenblod' ('Troll, which Sniffs Out Christian Blood')

Positioned outside a church, this sinister folkloric figure incited protests in both 1902 and 2002.
Helsingborg, Sweden

'A Study in Unhuman Sexual Expectations'

These whimsical rabbit figures are not as innocent as they might look.
Prague, Czechia

Prague Hlavni Nadrazi Vestibule

A historic and beautiful Art Nouveau chamber in a historic railway station.
Greve, Denmark

'The Little Match Girl'

With a bundle of matches in one hand and a mobile phone in the other, this sculpture is a modern take on Hans Christian Andersen's poignant fairy tale.
Allinge, Denmark

Hammershus Castle Ruins

Northern Europe’s largest castle ruins sit precariously on an island cliffside.
Randers, Denmark

'Bar Roma'

This enormous aluminum figure in Denmark lying in a plunged position, echoes the global debate on canceled historical statues.
Værløse, Denmark

Flyvestation Værløse (Flight Station Værløse)

This World War II airfield enjoys a second life as a public park.
Helsingør, Denmark

Gamle Færgestræde

Just off the city’s central station hides a quaint lamp-lit alley into medieval Elsinore.
Aarhus, Denmark

Cirkuskroen (The Circus Pub)

This legendary dive bar boasts a collection of over 1,300 clown figurines.
Knislinge, Sweden


A bronze, peeing self-portrait protests unequal inheritance rights.
Berlin, Germany

The Clock of Flowing Time

An astonishingly accurate water clock that doubles as an hourly spectacle in this Berlin shopping area.
Randers, Denmark

Memphis Mansion

An Elvis superfan built Denmark's own version of Graceland.
Højbjerg, Denmark

Grauballe Man

Preserved "bog person" that is over 2,000 years old.
Brunswick, Germany

'Katzenbalgen' ('Cat Brawl')

A purr-fectly spirited bronze celebration of local street felines through history.