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El Mejor Banco del Mundo (The Best Bench in the World)

Loiba, Spain

This humble bench is considered the most beautiful in the world.  


In 2009, a local resident of San Julián de Loiba decided to place a bench by the cliffs of this Ortigueira parish. This way, visitors could sit down to contemplate the sinuous landscape of the sea in this area of ​​rocky slopes.

A year later, during the Ortigueira Festival, one of the bands that performed visited the Coitelo viewpoint where the bench is and engraved on its back the phrase, “The best bench of the world.” Ever since then, that same phrase is reproduced every time the bench is renewed.

The Ministry of Industry of Spain granted the rights to the brand of the Loiba bench to the Ortigueira Council, making it officially the most beautiful bench in the world.

From Cape de Estaca de Bares to Cabo Ortegal, it provides an amazing panoramic view from the Loiba cliffs.

Know Before You Go

The bench is becoming increasingly popular so the Council of Ortigueira charters free buses for tourists who want to visit it.

In case you want to reach the bench by car keep in mind that you will have to park your car near the parish and walk the Loiba path as you follow the signs to the bench,

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