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Montgomery Scott Plaque

Linlithgow, Scotland

The fictional birthplace of the Chief Engineer aboard the Starship Enterprise. 


Considering that Montgomery Scott isn’t due to be born until the year 2222, one would be hard-pressed to point to his birthplace on a map. This little annoyance didn’t deter intrepid investigators to uncover the birthplace of this fictional character.

Piecing together background details of Scott and the 1960’s science fiction television program Star Trek, led fact-finders to a small town just north of Edinburgh, Scotland. Even though the aforementioned city, along with several other places, including Aberdeen and Elgin claimed the space explorer as their own native son, this area is the most recognized. 

Solid verification of this invented event boils down to a mention in one of the Star Trek books entitled Vulcan’s Glory. The author, Dorothy “D.C.” Fontana, an original scriptwriter for the television program, mentions that Scotty’s mother was drying out sheets in a courtyard along the High Street in Linlithgow. The Canadian actor, James Doohan, who portrayed the role in both the T. V. show and subsequent films agreed.

The plaque joins a similar one in Riverside, Iowa, future birthplace of the Enterprise’s captain, James T. Kirk.

Know Before You Go

The museum is free to enter, though donations are greatly appreciated. It currently operates Friday and Saturday 10 am - 4 pm, and Sunday 1 pm- 4 pm.

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