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Ayr Town Hall Cells

Forgotten jail cells beneath this Scottish town hall are now used for delightfully artful storage. 


Underneath town hall in the historic Scottish town of Ayr, lie 12 prison cells which have been preserved since the Victorian era, but are now used for storage of everything from cleaning supplies to signs from defunct roads

The historic cells have changed surprisingly little since their inception, still maintaining their original doors with closable viewing slots and heavy steel hinges. While some of the rooms are empty, the Ayr council housed in the building above now uses some of the cells for storage. Most remarkably one of the basement rooms is lined with carefully displayed road signs taken from streets that have either been renamed or completely stricken from the land. The hidden rooms are seldom open for public viewing and thus the historical chambers are still in excellent condition. However on the rare occasions that the basement is open it is as if time has stood still, providing a great insight into the historical storage of humans and the modern storage of supplies. 

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