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Gnome Village

Hidden among the trees at the Rangeley Lakes Trails Center are more than 20 gnomes in small wooden houses. 


Hidden among the Rangeley Lakes Trails are more than a dozen gnomes just waiting to be discovered. 

The Gnome Home Roam, as it is known, is the result of a community project aimed at getting kids to explore the outdoors. Several years ago, a local carpenter built a number of small houses and mounted them on trees throughout the trail network. But there was just one problem: the houses were empty. Nini Christensen and Beth Flynn devised a plan to fill the homes: gnomes.

They partnered up with local art students to create small ceramic gnomes, which were then moved into the houses. More houses and more gnomes were added over time, along with a trail through the woods and signage indicating different part of the gnome settlement. Half the fun is finding it so keep the exact locations a surprise for others. You can bring a piece of paper and stamp it at each gnome house. See if you can find the gnome with a lake house! 

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