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World's Largest Dulcinea

Quintanar de la Orden, Spain

The biggest depiction of Don Quixote's love interest in the whole world. 


Dulcinea is a fictional character in Miguel de Cervantes’ novel Don Quixote. She is the idealized and unattainable love interest of the novel’s protagonist, Don Quixote. Dulcinea only exists in his imagination, as he envisions her as a paragon of beauty and virtue, although she is never directly described in the story.

In 2013, Argentinian artist Milu Correch painted the largest Dulcinea mural in the world to date. She used the rear façade of the tallest and most controversial residential building in Quintanar de la Orden, Spain. Controversial because the building was erected right next to the town’s church tower and was considered an eyesore by the locals for decades.

Milagros Correch, better known as Milu Correch, is an Argentinian muralist internationally renowned for her large-scale murals and illustrations. Her works can be seen in various cities in Argentina and the world. Correch was invited by the local town hall of Quintanar de la Orden to partake in a competition aimed at decorating and breathing new life into some of the most unattractive walls in the city center. She exceeded expectations with her depiction of Dulcinea.

After visiting cities such as Rome, Vienna, Lisbon, Madrid, and Barcelona, Correch opened the pages of Don Quixote and saved Dulcinea from the passage of time.

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