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11 Sites for Clandestine Romance

Because famous—and famously doomed—lovers have been sneaking around forever.

When it comes to romance, few things are hotter than the word “forbidden.” After all, there’s a good reason some of the most memorable love stories in both literature and history have been star-crossed. Since time immemorial, lovers have been skulking off to shady motels and secret apartments, secluded pirate coves and dense forest groves.

From a luxurious Art Deco dwelling sequestered away right in New York’s Radio City Music Hall to a narrow alleyway in Mexico where teens traditionally go to make out away from prying adult eyes, these spots all have a lingering whiff of taboo about them. Whether you’re hoping to whisk your beloved off to a cinematic beach or stroll the abandoned grounds of a seedy, mostly demolished love hotel, here are places to scratch the itch.