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The Love Trees of St. Augustine

Intertwined, interspecies trees which locals believe can grant boons to lovers. 


The damp, temperate climate of coastal Florida inspires growth from a number of varieties of flora. So much so that the town of St. Augustine has a number of “love trees” where two separate species of tree grow in, on, and through one another.

According to local tradition, if two lovers kiss beneath one of the rare, yet unmistakable arbors they will share an everlasting romance. While botanists from around the world have neither tried to, nor been able to verify this effect, many couples who have shared an intimate moment beneath the variegated branches still return on their anniversary to renew the romantic spell. As of this writing there are around seven of these love trees to be found around the city.     

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These trees are actually on a property that borders Tolomato Cemetery, on 6 Cordova Street. The house on the property has now become a gift shop for the site.

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