That's a lot of flamingos.
That’s a lot of flamingos. The Official Florida Flamingo Museum/Facebook

Congratulations are in order to Cindy Dunlow of Ocala, Florida. She’s officially set the new record for the world’s largest pink flamingo-themed collection.

As first reported by the Ocala Star Banner, the Guinness Book of World Records recently presented Dunlow with the honor. Dunlow has deemed her collection “The Official Florida Flamingo Museum,” and placed it on display inside the custom frame shop she runs.

The collection dates to the 1960s, when Dunlow first started purchasing flamingo collectables from second-hand shops in and around Florida. Today it includes pink trinkets of just about every imaginable kind. There are coffee mugs, earrings, plush birds, classic plastic lawn ornaments, magnets, and pieces of furniture—all shaped like, or otherwise decorated with, the skinny pink bird.

To earn her title, Dunlow had to individually photograph each item and send a detailed accounting to the people at Guinness. She earned the title of world’s largest pink flamingo collection with 793 items, although it has since grown to 865, according to the Star Banner. Dunlow actually had the previous record (600 items) beat a while back, but waited to apply to Guinness so that the previous record holder could hold the title a little longer.