On Saturday, July 15, at a music festival in Joensuu, Finland, about 230 miles northeast of Helsinki, a bunch of people, naked save for matching green swim caps, walked into a lake.

Organizers of the mass skinny dip had hoped for 1,000 participants—a nice, round number that would look great in headlines and record books—but in the end counted only 789. That is still good enough, they said, to set a new world record for the largest collective act of swimming while naked. But not by much. If confirmed by Guinness World Records, the dip will have surpassed a 2015 mass skinny dip in Australia by just three people.

Warning: The following video, as you might’ve guessed, contains some nudity and may not be suitable for viewing at work.

Two prior attempts in Finland to break the record fell far short, and cloudy weather made setting the record this time far from certain. But, as Finnish national broadcaster YLE reported, organizers got a lucky break.

“Even though the festival was sold out on Saturday, shortly before the mass dip in the cold water was scheduled, things didn’t look good. Just a few hundred people were starting to undress,” the broadcaster reported. “But then fate intervened: the sun came out and encouraged more of the crowd to strip.”

Once in, the proud bathers spontaneously broke out in a rendition of the Finnish national anthem.

“Oh our land, Finland, land of our birth, rings out the golden word!”