It used to be that a fisherman would come back from a day on the water with nothing but their word as proof of their big fish tales. But in the age of YouTube, we get video right from the boat. Take Sean Moffett, a California fisherman who recently pulled a very, very large catfish out of the water, sharing the video to prove it.

According to KTVU, the fish weighed just over 29 pounds and measured nearly 3 feet in length. And while that might not seem that large for a catfish—some species of which can grow to be hundreds of pounds—Moffett’s is a channel catfish, a smaller variety.

The previous world record for that variety, set in 1964, is 58 pounds, according to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), though some, including In-Fisheman Magazine, have cast doubt that the 1964 record-setter was actually channel catfish at all.

Record or not, Moffett knew what he had while out on the water.

“I had to use a rope to drag the fish behind the boat because it was a monster size and I didn’t want to kill it” Moffett told KTVU.