A Eurofighter Typhoon jet. (Photo: Adrian Pingstone/Public Domain)

On Monday residents in the English country of Yorkshire were awoken when car alarms went off, and homes shook after several loud booms. 

Alarmed, people gathered in the streets. What was it? An earthquake? A bomb? Aliens? Nah, just some sonic booms

Eurofighter Typhoon jets from the Royal Air Force had just been scrambled, en route to a commercial airliner that had become unresponsive to air traffic controllers. 

With apparent supersonic speed, the RAF caught up with the plane, which, it turned out, had a malfunctioning radio. The plane, an Air France jet, was then escorted to an airport in Newcastle, where it landed safely, according to the Guardian.

But the incident still caused some consternation for residents, who tweeted with the hashtag #QRATyphoon. 

“Dad’s cat was petrified,” one wrote.

Others were more dramatic. ”It was nice knowing you all. So long and thanks for all the fish,” another wrote. “Alien invasion have began.”

North Yorkshire police—themselves on Twitter—later told everyone to calm down. 

“RAF update re sonic booms, which caused concern across the country,” they tweeted, along with a photo that showed a RAF statement confirming there was no danger. “Thanks to all who called, that’s what we’re here for.”