A vision of the holy grail (Image: Maître des cleres femme/Wikimedia)

Last summer, the Nanteos Cup disappeared. This broken wooden cup is said to have first come to Britain with Joseph of Arimathea, not long after the death of Jesus Christ. It had since developed a reputation as a very special cup, the Holy Grail.

The cup is now owned by a family that loans it out to very ill people, as it’s said to have healing powers. In July of 2014, the cup was in the home of a sick elderly woman in Herefordshire, right near the border between England and Wales. While the women was in the hospital, her house was broken into, and the cup was stolen.

Since then, police have been trying to track down the Holy Grail. There have been some clues: “They heard at one point that it was being passed around the bar of a set country pub, but by the time they arrived it had been spirited away,” the Guardian reports. But ultimately they were able to recover it after a person contacted them saying he was not the thief, but that he could get the cup back for them. The hand-off occurred near a shadowy highway shoulder in southern Wales.

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