Lisa Ohrmundt isn’t afraid of bees, she told CBS News. She works in landscaping, and bees are part of her life. But when the beekeeper opened up her ceiling to reveal a six-foot long hive above her living, she was shocked.

She hadn’t even heard them in that room.

Ohrmundt first suspected she had a bee infestation when she heard the bees “around the side of her house,” CBS reports. The beekeeper, though, used a heat sensor to locate the expansive hive in her ceiling. The bees, he estimated, had been living there for about two years. When he opened the ceiling “Bees instantly started “falling out” of the ceiling, and globs of thick, sweet honey followed,” CBS News reports.

The beekeeper vacuumed up the bees to transport them to a more appropriate location. Ohrmundt didn’t collect any of the dripping honey at the time, but the beekeeper said he would save her some. Since he extracted about 60 pounds of honey, there’s plenty to share.

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