The Mexican free-tailed bat is a tiny, common chiropteran found across the Western Hemisphere. It is also fast, elusive, and prone to taking up residence in spaces that humans would prefer them not to—hot, dark, manmade spaces like, say, your attic.

That’s where a homeowner in San Antonio recently found a Mexican free-tailed bat colony, according to WOAI. They have singled out her home, she said, despite there being some attractive alternatives.

“I don’t understand why of all of these beautiful homes, mine is the one the bats are attracted to,” Lisa Marie Vargas told WOAI. Vargas spent $525 on a removal service, which seemed to solve the problem—until the bats came back.

This meant another call to a removal service and, perhaps, a life of never-ending bat war. Lately bats seem to have been appearing in all sorts of places where we don’t really want them to be.