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Nara, Japan

Nara Dreamland

The abandoned Japanese amusement park once loomed as a dystopian Disneyland.
Tokyo, Japan

Arima Family Plot

No one knows why this family’s graves stayed on the national museum's premises after all other tombstones were relocated.
Karuizawa, Japan

Uchimura Kanzo Memorial Stone Church

An unusual structure of stone and glass honoring one of Japan’s most eminent Christian leaders who founded the non-church movement.
Ōme, Japan

Showa Retro Packaging Museum

A collection of nostalgic items from the Showa era with an exhibit on the local ghost story of the Snow Woman.
Yokohama, Japan

Tsuzuki Mamoru-kun

A giant gorilla guardian of the neighborhood, warning people to drive safely.
Hakui, Japan

Cosmo Isle Hakui

A museum of space exploration in the UFO capital of Japan.
Ichihara, Japan

Watari-Kashiwabara's Pylon 24

Only electricity pylon built over two lanes of traffic.
Tokyo, Japan


This abandoned, spaceship-like building is home to a museum so unpopular that it has been put on hiatus for over two decades.
Kobe, Japan

Maya Hotel

An abandoned Art Deco hotel nestled on the side of a wooded mountain.
Ichikawa, Japan

Yawata no Yabushirazu

Nestled in an unassuming residential area, this "forbidden forest" is rumored to spirit away those who dare to enter.
Tokyo, Japan


It's bad manners to eat and drink on the subways of Tokyo, unless the train is this bar. 
Tokyo, Japan

Jimbōchō Book Town

A bibliophile's heaven that contains hundreds of bookstores, offering over a third of secondhand books for sale in Tokyo.
Baltimore, Maryland

Ministry of Brewing

An abandoned church gets a second life as a massive beer hall and event space.
Paris, France

Parc Monceau

The ruins of a Duke's bucolic dream, where camels once roamed alongside "Dutch" windmills and faux-Italian vineyards.
Paris, France

Remnants of the Paris Guillotine

Indents in the pavement are all that remain from a grisly death machine in Paris.
Paris, France

Dans le Noir?

"In the Dark" Restaurant in Paris offers dinner in complete darkness.
Paris, France

Rue Crémieux

This charming cobbled backstreet is the most Instagramable street in Paris, much to the residents' annoyance.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


This concrete sculpture features a woman opening her heart to showcase a beautiful fern.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Strip Benchmarks

These markers are used to determine the ground stability of the Strip.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Big Rig Jig

Temporary Burning Man sculpture made of two 18-wheelers.
Las Vegas, Nevada

'The Mantis'

Las Vegas's very own 40-foot-tall fire-spewing praying mantis.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Atomic Liquors

Back in 1952, you could get a mushroom cloud chaser with your atomic cocktail.
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Neon Museum

The neon signs from Las Vegas' past find their final resting place at this unusual graveyard.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Bellagio Patisserie Chocolate Fountain

Formerly the world's largest, this Willy Wonka-esque contraption runs 24/7.