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Watari-Kashiwabara's Pylon 24

Only electricity pylon built over two lanes of traffic. 


Pylon 24 in Uchihara, a town in Ibaraki, Japan’s Higashiibaraki District, is the only electricity pylon in the world that has been constructed over a two-lane road. It is a part of the powerline that runs from Watari Substation to Kashiwabara Substation.

Standing 45 meters tall, the pylon carried 12 conductors and two ground wires on seven crossbars. You might not be an electrician or someone who understands all of the specifics of powerlines and substations, but know that this pylon carries enough live energy to do serious damage to cars and passersby moving underneath its structure if something were to go wrong.

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May 18, 2011

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