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Pune, India

Nagarkar Wada

A 19th-century mansion with a Gothic entrance in the center of Pune.
Pune, India

The Modak and The Mount Street Lamps

Artistic streetlamps depicting Lord Ganesh’s favourite food and divine mount around an iconic temple of the deity in the heart of Pune.
Pune, India

The Old Gate of Vaibhaveshwar Navagraha Temple

On the Mutha riverbank near the center of Pune stands a centuries-old temple with a fascinating old stone entrance.
Pune, India

Pataleshwar Caves

An eighth-century rock-cut cave temple in the middle of Pune.
Pune, India

The Statue of Bajirao Peshwa

Dedicated to one of the greatest military minds of the Maratha Empire.
Pune, India

Hissar Fort Stairs

One of the last few remnants of an ancient fort which once stood in the oldest area of Pune.
Pune, India

Ghorpade Ghat

A set of stairs leading down to the Mutha river sit by the foundations of a former temple.
Pune, India

The Letterbox With a Crown

In the premises of Pune Head Post Office stands a curious letterbox topped with the design of a crown.
Pune, India

Zero Stone of Pune

One in a series of historical markers from the massive 19th-century undertaking to map all of India.
Pune, India

The Old European Tombs

These fascinating 19th-century tombs in the center of Pune belong to Europeans who lived in the city in that era.
Pune, India

World War I Memorial

An obelisk designed in memory of the soldiers from the city and district who fought in The Great War.
Pune, India

Shree Nageshwar Shiva Temple

This 700-year-old temple is one of the city's oldest.
Pune, India

Trishund Ganpati Temple

This basalt temple in the center of Pune was built more than 250 years ago.
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Elephant Nature Park

Thailand's distressed elephants find peace at this Chiang Mai sanctuary.
Bangkok, Thailand

Erawan Shrine

A shrine built to combat the bad karma of a commercial venture.
Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Yannawa Boat Temple

Founded during the Ayutthaya era, this unique Buddhist temple remains shipshape to this day.
Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Arun

This dazzling Buddhist temple was constructed from over one million ceramic tiles salvaged from a British shipwreck.
Bangkok, Thailand

Giant Swing

For centuries young Thai men used this Giant Swing as a slingshot to heaven.
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Umong

Buddha shrines hide within dark tunnels at this unique forest temple.
Chiang Mai, Thailand

The World Museum of Insects and Natural Wonders

This extensive collection of dead bugs may be the world's most idiosyncratic and personal insect museum.