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Nagarkar Wada

A 19th-century mansion with a Gothic entrance in the center of Pune. 


The older areas of Pune are full of crisscrossing lanes and alleys and are surrounded by buildings that have witnessed more than 100 years of the city’s history.

Near the electronics market along a lane called Tapkir Galli, there is a stunning stone structure. A Gothic stone archway stands in the center of the building. The imposing facade has magnificent windows and intricate carvings and transports the viewer back into history.

This mansion is called Nagarkar Wada. It was built in 1890 by the social reformer Raghunath Nagarkar, who was also fondly known as “Daji.” It is also called Dagdi Wada (which means Stone Mansion). The mansion is an example of fusion architecture. The main entrance has a sculpture of Lord Ganesh on the top. The inner courtyard and other areas of the wada have Peshwa architecture. The outer stone facade with the arched entrance has Venetian Gothic architecture unique to Victorian times.

At one point 17 families resided in this mansion. Currently, four families live here. The residents have upheld the legacy of the place and maintained its heritage and charm.

The wada has also served as a base for a public library and a socio-political organization. As one stands outside the grand mansion, admiring the intricate stonework and the beautiful architecture, they are is transported back in time. It’s an architectural gem and an example of the city’s legacy and history.

Know Before You Go

This is a private residential building with families residing inside. 

Best viewed from afar. 

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