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The Tuben or "Elk Showers" is permanently closed.

The Tuben or "Elk Showers"

Ludvika, Sweden

Tiny Swedish village with a distinct local phenomenon known as an "Elk Shower." 


In the small village of Gravendal in Dalarna, Sweden there is an old wooden water tube, leading water to the local electric power station. Because of it´s age, this tube is full of holes so water squirts out in various places, in wintertime it forms amazing ice sculptures in the trees nearby.

Locally this phenomenon is called the “elk shower”. Whether the elks actually take a cold one once in a while is unknown, but if you are very quiet maybe you might be able to sneak up on one.

Update November 2014: According to Gravendal village community “the leaking part has now been replaced with new wooden tube, so the elk shower is basically gone.”

Know Before You Go

Ask the locals, the village is tiny so there are no real roadnames. Ask for "tuben" ("the tube" in Swedish).

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