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The Museums of the University of Pavia

A collection of collections, including an anatomy museum, the “Cabinet of Physics of Alessandro Volta, a museum of natural history, mineral collection, and much much more... 


The University of Pavia is a sort of collection of collections, a museum of museums. Among the many incredible collections of the University di Pavia are:

1. The “Cabinet of Physics of Alessandro Volta” 

2. The Medicine collection divided into three halls

3. The Botanical Garden

4. A museum of natural history divided into three sections on comparative anatomy, zoology, and geo-palentology

5. A museum of electrical technology

6. A museum of mineralogy

7. The museum of Normal Human Anatomy

8. The collection of Pathological Anatomy

9. The Collection of Physiology (Medical instruments)

10. The Collection of Histology and Embryology

11. The Collection of General Pathology

12. The Collection of Chemistry

13. The Collection of Physics

14. The Collection of Models and Mathematical Instruments

15. The Collection of Musicology

16. The Museum for the History of the University

It is in the Museum for the History of the University where visitors can see an example of an anatomical Venus, a type of female wax anatomical model done in a sensual style.

Know Before You Go

Some of the collections, including the anatomy ones, are not open to the public - scholars by appointment only.

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