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Stockholms Geographical Midpoint

The center of Stockholm can be found along this quiet street.  


When talking about city centers, one often thinks of busy shops, tourist attractions, and tons of people. However, these city centers are rarely of the geometrical variety. 

Author and map enthusiast Hans Harlén calculated the center of Stockholm sometime during the 1980s. He accomplished this by looking at the location of the four cardinal points of the city and drawing a square around them. The center of this square is the city’s midpoint. 

For decades, the project seemed to be just something fun, and no one really paid that much attention. However, in 2012, the story somehow came to Per Haukaas, a city guide who grew up in the area. This ignited new life into the project and a sign was eventually erected. 

Now the center is marked for all to see, and unlike most city centers, it’s a charming and calm park located around a roundabout.

Know Before You Go

Take the metro (green line) to Alvik and walk from there. It is roughly 3 minutes from there.

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