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Greek Temple Monument War Memorial

Memorial built in 1922 in remembrance of WWI casualties. 


Resting in a busy urban area is a war memorial modeled after a Greek temple. Measuring 124 feet in diameter and consisting of 16 large Doric columns, the open-air stone building was constructed in 1922 to commemorate New Jersey’s contributions during World War I.

Inside the memorial’s rotunda stands a nine foot tall bronze statue by the artist Frederick William MacMonnies named “Liberty in Distress.” The statue stands atop a five foot base of Vermont green marble and portrays a nude Lady Liberty draped in a French flag and cradling a dying male soldier. A broken sword and other items of war litter the base of the statue and Liberty is captured looking to the heavens and crying out.

The memorial was renovated in 1988 and lies at the corner of an extensive public park. The statue is an excellent example of the famous sculptor’s work and the interior of the memorial lists the battles fought by citizens of New Jersey during the war.

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Located in Odonnell Park at the corner of Albany Ave. and Ventnor Ave. There's some limited metered parking on the edge of park

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