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Hawker Hunter Jet

A real Hawker Hunter jet in the middle of Basingstoke. 


Having served with the Royal Danish Air Force in 1956, the Hawker Hunter is a British jet-powered fighter aircraft. Diligently doing its duty until 1974, Hawker Siddeley acquired the machine at RAF Brawdy, where it remained operational until 1988. 

The first jet-powered aircraft produced by Hawker Aircraft since the introduction of supersonic Lightning Aircraft in the 1960s, the Hawker Hunter’s versatility allowed it to transition into fighter-bomber, ground-attack, and aerial reconnaissance roles. It remained in service with the RAF and the Royal Navy until the early 1990s. 

The acquisition of the Hawker Hunter and its new home in Basingstoke was completed in 2006 by Rafi Razzak. The founder and owner of Centerprise International Razzak purchased and restored the aircraft in memory of his father, Arif Abdul Razzak, a former pilot in the Royal Iraqi Air Force who had flown Hawker Hunters. 

The Hawker Hunter, serving as a moving homage to his father and preservation of aviation history, is on display on Lime Tree Way at Centerprise International premises. This restoration project proudly shows the tale of resilience, adaptability, and the connection between man and machine in the always-evolving world of aviation. 

Know Before You Go

Parking is limited, so you may need to walk approximately ten minutes to the jet. The closest bus station is Unity Place which is a five-minute walk. From Basingstoke station, it will take an hour to get there via walking. 

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