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China Flat Museum Bigfoot Collection

Willow Creek, California

This little museum has an exhibit devoted to the elusive forest denizens. 


A small museum in an out-of-the-way town southeast of Redwoods National Park boasts an interesting collection of Bigfoot artifacts, footprint casts, theories, and media.

In addition to the Bigfoot-related specimens, there is a nice collection of antique/vintage items from decades past as well as a gift shop, but it is the cryptozoological artifacts that really make it something special. The town of Willow Creek is near Bluff Creek, the location where the famous and controversial Patterson-Gimlin video of Bigfoot was originally filmed, spurring the creation of the exhibit. There are casts of footprints, toys, pictures, and videos of the legendary creature. The whole place is guarded by a huge wooden Sasquatch sculpted from a Redwood Tree.   

Near the museum, a scenic route can be taken through the Klamath Mountains where the valley views are perfectly reminiscent of the famous Bigfoot video. The Bald Hills Scenic Drive into Redwoods National Park can be easily accessed from Willow Creek, though the road is very windy and sometimes unnerving for those uninitiated to driving through mountainous areas. The views offered in this area are nothing short of spectacular. 

This museum runs on donations and charges no admission fee, because while Bigfoot might not be real, big bills very much are. Please provide a donation if you visit. 

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One of the few features in the town of Willow Creek - there is an enormous Bigfoot carving outside - you can't miss it!

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