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Carhartt Mansion Ruins

The ruins of this once-grand mansion are linked to one of the country’s most popular clothing brands. 


In the woods outside of Rock Hill, South Carolina, stand the crumbling ruins of a once-grand house. Just a few years after it was completed its owner, Hamilton Carhartt, was killed in an automobile accident in 1937.

The founder of the Carhartt clothing company lived in Michigan, but had a second home built in Rock Hill because Carhartt owned a large cotton mill in the town. The clothing company employed many of the townspeople in the early 1900s, though this was only one of several major mills that supported the town’s economy.

After Carhartt died, the property was left vacant for a time. New owners came in and tried to restore the property and its grounds, but the site was eventually deserted. Now all that’s left is the crumbling remains of the once-grand mansion.

Today, Carhartt clothing is one of the most popular brands in America, though the company no longer has a presence in Rock Hill. This mansion now sits in ruins along the mountain bike trails of what is now the Riverwalk neighborhood. Numerous ruined structures can be freely explored by anyone willing to hike or bike to the location.

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