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Off-Centered Ale Trail: Philadelphia

A beer-lover's guide to the City of Brotherly Love from Atlas Obscura and Dogfish Head Brewery.

Our Ale Trail in Philadelphia includes a temperance crusader’s memorial fountain, a brewery building from Philadelphia’s pre-Prohibition beer boom, and a pile of other surprising destinations across the city.

We’re celebrating Dogfish Head Brewery’s Flesh & Blood IPA at the Weaver Historical Dental Museum, one of the smaller, weirder medical museums in the United States. One of its strangest displays is the tooth bucket of 19th century dentist and showman Edgar Randolph Rudolph Parker. Sometimes known as “Painless Parker,” he operated as somewhat of a dental P.T. Barnum, advertising his business via a horse-drawn office and faithfully collecting the hundreds of teeth he pulled along the way. For SeaQuench Ale, we’re visiting the docking place of the SS United States, the fastest transatlantic ocean liner, and for 60 Minute IPA, we’ve picked out Kelpius Cavewhere America’s first doomsday cult waited patiently for the end of the world.

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