Did you catch that video of a knife-brandishing crab making internet rounds this week? Well, it’s fake—or staged, anyway. But not to worry! There are other crabs in the sea.

Meet resident coconut crab, Mr. Crab. Crab is from “Italy? Spain? Or somewhere else,” according to our dedicated narrator, who takes us through a day in the life of Crab, who seems to have accidentally wandered on the patio.

Coconut crabs are not what you might imagine when you think of a crustacean. They are also known as robber crabs or palm thieves, and for being land-living arthropods, their exoskeletons are huge and their claws are strong. Native to the Indian Ocean and parts of the Pacific, they get their name from their habit of climbing trees to collect coconuts. They are mostly vegetarian, but they’ve also been known to eat miscellaneous meat when available.

It might be fun to watch Crab crush a pen, but you’d be best to keep your fingers out of reach.

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