Sometimes when artists get up on stage, their performance becomes less about the music and more about the show. And their fans don’t mind, because that is exactly what they came for.

The above video of Elvis Presley singing his hit “Love Me Tender” is one of those instances. Elvis spends more time kissing girls in the audience than he does singing. By the end of the show, the King has kissed almost every woman in attendance.

What makes the performance, which takes place in 1970, all the more bizarre is the fact that Elvis is not performing a raging rock concert rife with hormones running amok, but rather a mellow affair in which folks are sitting down at a table for a nice dinner. 

Besides the general weirdness, there are a few awkward moments to look out for: a man going in for a handshake and almost getting kissed, the various women who get rejected, and the handkerchief he wipes his sweat on.

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