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In this episode of The Atlas Obscura Podcast, we asked listeners to tell us about their most outrageous, hilarious, and downright spectacular animal encounters, from touching a tiger’s tail to playing peek-a-boo with a bear. You may remember our first listener episode on unusual animal encounters, Podcast: Face to Face Yet Again, and before that our staff story on the same topic, Podcast: Face to Face. But we just got so many responses from listeners that we’re back with this second listener-driven podcast.

Our podcast is an audio guide to the world’s wondrous, awe-inspiring, strange places. In under 15 minutes, we’ll take you to an incredible site, and along the way you’ll meet some fascinating people and hear their stories. Join us daily, Monday through Thursday, to explore a new wonder with cofounder Dylan Thuras and a neighborhood of Atlas Obscura reporters.

Amoghavarsha/ BY-SA 4.0

Tell us your story! We’re working on a new slate of episodes that will feature listener stories and want to hear yours.

Tell us about a place you’ve visited that instantly made you feel at home. What made it special? Have you returned there? What sticks out about this place that makes it unique to you? Why does it remind you of home? How does it connect to you?

Give us a call at 315-992-7902 and leave a message telling us your name and story. Just so you know, our mailbox will cut you off after two minutes, so you may need to call multiple times if your story is long.

You can also record a voice memo and email it to us at