A male peacock is hopelessly in love with a female turkey and has been for five years, according to the turkey’s owner. He recently told CTV News all about this sad situation:

The peacock in question is named Fred, and the turkey Fred’s in love with is named Gertie. They live on a farm in Metchosin, British Columbia. Actually, it’s Gertie’s place. Fred just showed up one day uninvited five years ago and has stayed there since, like some kind of pathetic stalker. All that time, he’s been trying to get Gertie to consummate Fred’s love, only to be foiled at each turn by Gertie’s son Tom.

“I was concerned about Fred’s well-being,” Gertie’s owner, Mark Hogeweide, told CTV News. “He had the wrong ideas about turkeys, so I thought maybe I should get him a peahen.”

Which is what Hogeweide did. Fred will soon get to meet the peahen, which is named Freddie. Hogeweide hopes they fall in love and maybe Gertie, finally, can get some peace.