At the Bunny Museum in Altadena, California, visitors will find bunny clocks, bunny stuffed animals, ancient bunny rings, bunny drawings, and more. The museum was born out of Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski’s infatuation with rabbits. Early in their relationship, the couple began giving bunny trinkets and ornaments to each other as gifts on birthdays and holidays. Soon those occasions felt too infrequent, and bunny exchanges happened daily. Their wedding cake—a carrot cake—was even topped with a bunny bride and groom. After four years of collecting, Frazee and Lubanski opened the Bunny Museum to the public.

Today, the collection consists of over 30,000 rabbit-related items. Frazee compares the pair’s love for bunnies with a belief or way of life. Lubanski describes the museum as “a way of showing a couple’s love toward each other and how it perpetuated the collection further and further.” In the video above, Atlas Obscura unpacks the museum’s unique origin story.

The Atlas Obscura Society Los Angeles hosts special events at the Bunny Museum—check the calendar for the most up-to-date schedule.