Can’t a guy just don his full-body shamanic hair costume and go on walkabout without being mistaken for a Sasquatch anymore? Apparently not in North Carolina.

According to the BBC, a self-described shaman was taking a stroll in the Appalachian hills recently when he was spotted by local Bigfoot hunters him for their quarry. Or they actually saw Bigfoot. (Accounts differ.)

The group, known as Bigfoot 911, first made local news after reporting they saw the cryptid in Pisgah National Park. But a few days later, Gawain MacGregor, who follows a faith that involves a Mesopotamian figure, Enkidu—and also claims to have seen multiple Bigfoots himself—stepped forward to say that, in fact, he was the figure they saw. MacGregor’s ritual observances include donning a suit, mask and all, of hairy animal skins, and taking to the wilderness to get back to nature. (Bigfoot 911’s “commander,” John Bruner, took to their closed Facebook group to disagree.)

In response to all of this, local police stepped in with a sensible suggestion, asking residents not to shoot at any suspected Bigfoots, lest they hit “a fun-loving and well-intentioned person, sweating in a gorilla costume.”