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Funabashi, Japan

Tobinodai Shell Midden

The remains of a prehistoric settlement with a museum showcasing fascinating archaeological finds next to modern artworks.
Matsumoto, Japan

Yohashira-jinja Shrine

This traditional Japanese shrine is dedicated to four Shinto deities.
Tokyo, Japan

Shimbashi Station SL Square

The decommissioned steam engine’s whistle can still be heard three times a day at one of Japan’s oldest train stations.
Yokohama, Japan

Taya Caves

A network of ancient tunnels and vaulted chambers with mystical Buddhist reliefs, built for ascetic training.
Dazaifu, Japan

Starbucks Dazaifu Tenmangu Omote-Sando

This is no ordinary coffee chain outlet—it's an architectural masterpiece.
Mitoyo, Japan

Missing Post Office

A unique art exhibit home to letters addressed to those unable to receive them.
Tokyo, Japan

Heiwa no Chikai (Oath of Peace)

A statue meant to celebrate peace has also been interpreted as a mother taking away her son's internet privileges.
Kyoto, Japan

Kimono Forest

An LED art installation composed of 600 poles wrapped in kimono fabric.
Tokyo, Japan

Kissa Laundry

Run a wash cycle while sipping a latte at this community-oriented café.
Matsumoto, Japan

Matsumoto Castle

This historic castle is one of the oldest and most impressive in all of Japan.
Sapporo, Japan

Moerenuma Park

This futuristic public park includes large sculptures and an artificial geyser.
Tokyo, Japan

Asakura Gallery

Kawaii meets poisonous at this unique art gallery.
Tokyo, Japan

Museum of Package Culture

Discover the past, present, and future of packaging in this unique Japanese museum.
Tokyo, Japan

Hachikō's Grave

People from around the world visit the shrine of Japan’s legendarily loyal dog.
Kyoto, Japan


The quintessential Japanese rock garden has existed for more than 500 years.
Tokyo, Japan

Gotokuji Temple

The legendary birthplace of the Japanese maneki-neko is dotted with hundreds of lucky beckoning cats.