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Yohashira-jinja Shrine

This traditional Japanese shrine is dedicated to four Shinto deities.  


The Yohashira-jinja Shrine is an interesting traditional Japanese place of worship that was built in 1874 during the Meiji Period (1868 to 1912). It holds special significance in comparison to other shrines as it is dedicated to four Shinto deities (Ame-no-Minakanushi-no-Kami, Takamimusubi-no-Kami, Kamimusubi-no-Kami, and Amaterasu Omikami), with the name Yohashira translating literally as “four pillars.”

It is unusual to have this number of gods enshrined within one site in Japan and because of this special feature, the building is said to hold wish-granting properties for those who visit. The large grey gate of the shrine towers high above the nearby streets. 

There are many cherry blossom trees around the grounds of the site which make this a popular place for people to visit during the Spring blooming season. Visitors can see the local residents come to the shrine to make offerings and ring the large bell. 

Know Before You Go

Yohashira-jinja Shrine and the grounds are open daily to visitors. 

The shrine is a short walk from Nawate Dori, a small street dedicated to frogs which is another site worth visiting if in the area. 

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