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31 Cool, Hidden, and Unusual Things to Do in Antarctica

Unusual Attractions in Antarctica

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Stories About Antarctica

A carved post, or <em>pouwhenua</em>, erected at New Zealand's Scott Base in 2013, overlooks the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

Can the Māori Connection to Antarctica Help Safeguard the Continent’s Future?

Indigenous ties to the bottom of the world go back more than a millennium, and could point the way forward.
Ernest Shackleton, Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and Edward Wilson (right to left) as they were preparing to explore the Ross Ice Shelf as part of the British National Antarctic Expedition in November 1902.

Why Did Antarctic Explorer Ernest Shackleton Keep 'Conking Out'?

A vitamin deficiency may have changed the course of a continent's history.
 An iceberg floats in the Atlantic Ocean, April 26, 2017 off the coast of Port Kirwan, Newfoundland, Canada. Icebergs break off from Baffin Island and Greenland every spring and drift down the stretch of water along the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador known as Iceberg Alley. According to media reports, the higher number of icebergs this season can be attributed to uncommonly strong counter-clockwise winds that draw the icebergs south and possibly global warming, which could be making Greenland's ice sheet melt faster.

The Iceberg Trackers Keeping an Eye on the Ocean's Behemoths

As well as smaller bergs that can be more dangerous to ships.
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