'You Don’t Need Planning Permission to Build Castles in the Sky' - Atlas Obscura

'You Don’t Need Planning Permission to Build Castles in the Sky'

Perhaps the most obscure, simplistic Banksy installation found in Bristol or in the entire world. 


Bristol is known as the hometown of infamous graffiti artist Banksy. It was his earliest playground, with several of his works found across the city, including the infamous Well-Hung Lover. While it is fun to explore this city with a tour of his art in mind, there is one installation that is easily overlooked, as it features no drawing or such—only words.

The artwork in question is hidden in an unassuming alley, as one might expect, and it is a statement written across the outer wall of a building in black letters: “You don’t need planning permission to build castles in the sky.” A straightforward message from the artist, nothing more, nothing less.

You Don’t Need Planning Permission… was created in 2011, discreetly in a corner of Lower Lamb Street, just behind the Central Library. A simple piece, yet its stenciled style and anarchist spirit are distinctly Banksy.

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April 5, 2024

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